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Electing Women PAC


  • Elect more women to high public office by raising substantial sums of money through events for women running for Governor or U.S. Senate across the nation.
  • Continue replicating the Electing Women model by starting additional groups across the country.
  • Raise the visibility and political clout of women in their respective local groups and around the country.
  • Develop the capability to raise $1 million nationally for a candidate early in her race by mobilizing groups in every region.
  • Ensure that women can influence public policy and gain access to political leaders.

    Electing Women hosts intimate luncheon events with the candidate in attendance, raising at least $25,000 per event. Contributions are made directly to the candidate.

  • Need

  • There are currently 26 women in the U.S. Senate and only 9 female Governors
  • The U.S. is ranked 75th in the world for the number of women represented in the national legislature.

    For more information on our model or to find out how to help build a national network to elect more women, please contact

    Heather Lurie
    P.O. Box 6536,
    Denver, CO 80206

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